Preventing Crown-Area Breakage

I love a sleek, sophisticated bun! Buns take very little time to achieve, use minimal product, and can be a great style option to protect the ends of your hair from exposure to the elements. But, like most things, too much of something may not always be a good thing. When I first went natural, I always wore my buns with a middle part. Like ALWAYS! I liked how a middle part seemed to elongate my face and give me a more mature look. But, after a while, I noticed small hairs sticking up in my crown area and I would have to apply more and more product to slick my hair down. After doing some research, I came across product suggestions and methods to reduce crown-area breakage.

 I first started applying Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO) to my crown area every night. JBCO is often used to grow and strengthen hair. In the mornings, I would then apply my gel or pomade to slick my hair. The JBCO served as a foundation, if you will, because of its thickness. I also started using a soft boar bristle brush on my hair. I try to use my hands as styling tools as often as possible before I use more conventional styling tools such as comb’s and brush’s. Soft boar bristle brushes are less harsh on the hair. Another change I made was switching up my part. I had to abandon my beloved middle part for the sake of my hair. I started parting my hair on either the left side or the right side. I also began wearing my bun in different positions. Instead of always pulling my hair straight back, I would position it in the middle of my head or the top of my head, like a ballerina J.

 After using up the JBCO, I didn’t purchase it again. Not because I didn’t like it, but because I’m cheap and the product served its purpose by strengthening the hair in my crown area. I now use a spray bottle mixed with water and aloe vera juice. I picked up the idea to use this aloe vera juice by following Naptural85 on YouTube.  I spray my hair with that mixture, add my pomade, slick my hair as best I can with my hands, and then finish slicking the hair back with my soft boar bristle brush. Aloe vera juice has amazing benefits. It acts as a natural conditioner that softens and hydrates the hair and adds shine. It also soothes an irritated scalp if you are experiencing scalp issues.

 Though we may have a signature style, we have to be open to different styling options if our hair is no longer responding positively to that style. When you reach a stumbling block in your natural hair journey, do some research and re-adjust your regimen. Learn to value health over convenience.

 Have you dealt with crown breakage before? If so, how did you combat it?

Crown area picture


Author: curlsndumbbells

Welcome! My name is Sharae! I am a global brand ambassador, fitness & natural hair blogger, and business professional whose mission is to empower and equip women to live their best lives by helping them make positive lifestyle changes in the areas of health, wellness, and personal finance. I began my wellness journey in 2008 by losing 60 pounds. As a result of my weight loss, I created this blog in May 2016, CurlsNDumbbells, to document my journey and to encourage others to also begin their journey. In July 2016, I joined a global wellness & lifestyle company as a global brand ambassador! With this amazing opportunity, I can help women achieve their weight loss and beauty goals. I also have a mentorship program to assist women who want to pursue entrepreneurship and achieve financial success by building a purpose-driven brand and creating an additional stream of income. I hope to continue reaching women globally and providing them with tools that add value to their lives so they can achieve long term success!

11 thoughts on “Preventing Crown-Area Breakage”

  1. Thank you so much for your tips on both weight loss and hair. What do you think is the key to hair growth? My little girls hair broke off really bad and not im trying to regrow. I dont know if it was heat or the chlorine from the pool but im sick about it. Pleae help


    1. Hello Tasha! Thanks for reading my post! For your little one, I would focus on deep conditioning her hair each time you wash it. Try to leave it on for 30 minutes. Also make sure you keep her hair moisturized as well. If you need product suggestions, please let me know.


      1. Sure! For good deep conditioners, I like the eden body works one from their coconut line. I buy it from Sally’s. I also like almost all of the Shea moisture deep conditioners, but I first fell in love with the raw Shea butter one with the gold label. You can find that one at Walgreens. For moisturizers, I like the cantu coconut curling cream. I also love the Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie and the Jamaican black castor oil leave in conditioner. I hope this helps 🙂


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